Tuesday, November 29, 2011

History Channel Airs Fatima Message

From the World Apostolate of Fatima, An Association of Pontifical Right

Watch or Record the International History Channel (H2) on Thursday for a full hour on Fatima on secular TV. Look for the Nostradamus Effect: Fatima's Lost Prophecy, this is a one hour segment of a 13 part series that has aired many times on the US History Channel. Showings by time zone are: ET 1pm, 7pm, CT 12pm, 6pm, MT 11am, 5pm, PT 1pm, 7pm.

Featuring from the Apostolate: Father Andrew Apostoli, CFR, Spiritual Advisor, Michael La Corte, Executive Director, Deacon Bob Ellis, National Coordinator and International Secretariats Nuno Prazares and Ana Reis.

The show has nothing to do with Nostradamus but delivers the message around the world to many who don't know Our Lady of Fatima's message of Hope. We look forward to hearing your comments. Please email us at soul@bluearmy.com

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Excerpt from the History Channel Description:

In 1917, three young shepherd children from the small town of Fatima, Portugal, claim to be instruments of divine prophecy. The children report being visited by the Virgin Mary. Three haunting visions of death and destruction are revealed, but the children are forbidden to give details. Two of the children die within three years of receiving their visions. The third, Lucia, shares the three "secrets" with the Vatican. The Vatican debates the girl's stories.

Could three children from a poor town have really been touched by divinity? And what of the visions? Lucia claimed the first vision revealed souls burning in a fiery hell. The second foretold the outbreak of World War II and the dangers of Communism. But the third was guarded closely by the Vatican until the year 2000. The final Fatima prophecy revealed an angel with a flaming sword setting the world on fire.

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