Thursday, June 24, 2010

Our Lady's Message to Jacinta - Sins That Most Offend God

As Jacinta lay dying, she shared with her Madrinha what Our Lady had told her.

"She stated that Our Lady had appeared to her there and told her that the sins which brought most souls to hell were those of the flesh that people should avoid luxury, that they should not remain obstinately in sin, and that they should do penance.

As a result of this, Jacinta became preoccupied with sins of the flesh and with purity and spoke of them in her conversations with Mother Godhino and in her remarks to the people at the hospital. "Dear madrinha,"...'don't live in luxury. Flee riches. Certain styles will come that will greatly offend Our Lord...Many marriages are not good, do not please Our Lord, and are not acceptable to God.'"

Excerpt from The Sund Danced at Fatima by Joseph A. Pelletier, A.A.

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