Friday, October 14, 2011

WAF Honolulu Division - Annual Rosary in the Park

Thanks to a lovely and dedicated woman, Josephine and of course, her many assistants, we were blessed to have another wonderful afternoon of Rosary in the Park.  This is a local annual event to commemorate Our Lady of Fatima's last apparition on October 13, 1917.  This year was extra special as our dear Bishop Larry joined the faithful in honoring our beautiful blessed mother!  It was also the first time a shower of blessing (rain) fell while the sun was still shining.  It reminded me of what the people must have experienced the day the sun danced.

The gathering started with our bishop leading us in prayer.  Then that was followed by the procession around the park.  Our Lady's statue was crowned with a beautiful Haku lei and roses.  We then chanted the Divine Mercy Chaplet at 3:00 p.m. or a little past that time.  We prayed the Luminous Mysteries...mostly in the rain and then we renewed our total Consecration (St. Louis de Montfort).  The bishop gave his final blessing and we all left...very happy participants in a very joyful event. 

The following are some photos from the Rosary gathering.   

Bishop Larry's arrival
Deacon Vince and Bishop Larry
The Gathering and a Prayer
Crucifix leads the Procession Honoring Our Lady
Followed by Bishop Larry and Josephine
A large group of the faithful came
The World Apostolate of Fatima, Honolulu Division Banner in the Procession
The Crowning of Our Lady
Bishop brings flowers to the Fairest

The Fairest
The Divine Mercy image
The Divine Mercy Chaplet...chanted
The Five Luminous Mysteries led by Bishop Larry
Rosary in the Rain
Faithful Father and Son Praying the Rosary
Bishop's Final Blessing
Filmmaker and photographer yesterday...Venny V.
The World Apostolate of Fatima - Honolulu Diocese Division

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